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Brain Imaging Time-Lapse

I’m taking advantage of a lull in online time-lapse news to feature something I normally wouldn’t post on this site.  The video above shows growth in a mouse’s brain in time-lapse.  To the best of my understanding, scientists put a tiny glass tube into a mouse’s brain.  Then they inserted some sort of imaging device and took images at multiple focal lengths.  The images were then “stacked” together to create one image.  “Stacking” is a common technique used for star photography and for macro photography as seen in this gigapan of a beetle.

Because the glass tube was left embedded in the brain, the scientists were able to image the same location several times and use the output of the stacked images to create a time-lapse video of cell and blood vessel development.  Of course, my knowledge of biology ends with dissecting frogs in 9th grade, so I’d suggest reading from these sources if you’re interested in learning more:

[MIT Technology Review]


[Dean’s Corner]

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