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Gizmodo Time-Lapse Video Challenge

January 18, 2011 1 comment

The Contest

Gizmodo, the site best known for buying Apple’s lost iPhone 4, just announced their first video contest.  They’ve previously offered photography contests but this is their first foray into video.  As a fitting transition, they’ve picked time-lapse as the theme.

The Prize

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Well, I guess the prize is a smug sense of satifisfaction and some eyeballs on your video.  But really, come on Gizmodo, throw us a bone.  You’re a big technology blog, you must have some cool stuff at the office.  Maybe you could offer that iPhone 5 prototype you probably have lying around.

The Rules

All videos must be recorded between Jan. 14 and Feb. 9, although it’s unclear how they’ll prove that.  They must then be uploaded to Gizmodo’s Vimeo group.  If you’re already on Vimeo, you can join the group now or just peruse the videos already uploaded.  All videos must be 45 sec. or shorter and free of opening titles, credits, etc.  You can read about the contest and all the rules at the official Gizmodo contest page.

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“Cameras for Classrooms” Contest

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

The Prizes

Wingscapes, the makers of the PlantCam, Audubon BirdCam, and BirdCam 2.0 have started a contest called “Cameras for Classrooms.”  They plan to give away up to fifty cameras for the best essays that explain how one of their cameras would benefit the contestant’s classroom.

The PlantCam is a time-lapse camera that can be used outside.  It’s marketed for garden use but I suspect it has a wider range of possibilities.  The main attraction of this camera is it takes almost no user input or technical skills.

Both BirdCams are motion activated with the 2.0 model having a flash.

Who’s Eligible?

Both teachers and students can enter this contest.  Winners outside the United States pay shipping.

How to Enter

Contestants must write a 500-750 word essay about how one of these cameras would benefit their classroom.  After you’re done with the essay, upload it to the Cameras for Classrooms website.  All entries must be received by Monday, January 31, 2011.


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